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Logo Design - The Perfect Personality Trait

Personality is the first and foremost quality that connects people to any person or any company. So it is equally essential for the companies to have a strong character and presence in the market to woo the competitors off their feet and rule the industry with its best in the town products or services.


Even the logos have a personality that gives it an identity in the market through which the company is known amongst its customers. Logo’s character is built on the Logo Design that is the responsible factor of how a logo will look like. This factor encompasses elements of color, typography, logo theme and business’s purpose behind doing the business. Professional Logo Design will create and enhance your logo’s design and will engrave your strong brand personality in the market.

Let's go through some of the practical and handy tips to a perfectly designed Logo Design Personality:

1. Personality:

“The visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others.”

The visual personality and the attitude of a logo are the same as like any human and reflect a number of different traits and meanings. There are logos that are fun, angry, happy, calm, energetic, flirty, geeky, smart, etc. A logo must capture the right personality of its company.  

Lines, colors, shapes, and typography are the major things that influence a logo’s personality. The slightest change in any of these can change the whole concept of the Logo Design.

2. Culture:

“The quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.”

As like the countries of the world, any given brand will have its own unique values, traditions, language, and defines the way a company works in synchronization with the country’s culture to which it belongs.  While representing the use of color, patterns, style, heritage artwork etc can be considered in designing the logo to reflect individuality and uniqueness of the country it is operating in. Each of these is a powerful trait for creating a timeless brand mark design.

Hiring the services of a reputed Custom Logo Company will add stars to your Logo Design as they create the best logos for your company keeping all your needs in mind.

3. History:

“The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.”

History is the easiest yet varied to represent. For a company that has been around since a long time, it is really easy for them to just update and brush the Logo Design as the history is already established as a result of their long existence in the market.  For a New Logo Design, it becomes tough as it continuously strives to establish its mark on the market. Everyone has a story to tell and if it can come through in their brand’s Logo Design, that will be the most beautiful thing.

The brand story, typography, and previous logo designs can be the stepping stones for the representation of the history of the company.

These three pillars are the foundation for creating a brand’s personality through creating logo personality. Additionally, there are various other Ingredients that play an effective role in getting a perfect logo design. ProDesigns is one such logo designing company that houses ace Logo Designers who are totally competent in designing unbeatable logo designs for our their clients. We always deliver what we speak and promise to our clients.

Post by prodesigns (2018-02-21 08:40)

Tags: Logo Design Custom Logo Design Professional Logo Design

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