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Awe-Inspiring Examples of Flat Logo Design

Flat logo designs are a rage nowadays. Anywhere and everywhere flat logo designs are the talk of the town due to their extensive use in branding these days. Flat logo designs are in due to their uncomplicated and humble approach to building a brand’s identity is very simple and modest way. Flat designs are seen almost everywhere now and adopting trends are many a time have proven beneficial and not just a rat race and so is in the case of flat logo designs.


Simplicity is king once again with the comprehensive and wide use of flat logo designs from logo to branding to letterheads and to stationery. With stripped down motifs, minimalistic approach, removal of effects like slopes, gradients, patterns, texture, bubbles, slick look or other depth adding tool makes flat logo designs and flat designs the trending trend which is referred to “fashion of flatness” nowadays.

Why flat logo designs?

Flat designs are two-dimensional designs which make logos and other designs look flat without any shadow, slopes, texture or any other enhancement.

  • Flat logo designs focus more on key branding elements with the proper use of negative spacing.

  • Flat logo designs use block and vibrant colors which are visually appealing and clear.

  • Flat logo designs tend to have clean, clear geometric shapes.

  • Flat logo designs use bold, clear and large typography which withstand its neat approach.

  • Highly symbolic background draws attention and develops engagement.

  • Reduced to essential and basic designs of the flat logo makes them interactive.

  • Flat logo designs break down the stereotype of embossed and shaft logo designs which gives them the fresh and innovative look.

Inspiring examples of flat logo designs

Below is the list of highly successful companies with flat logo design as part of their logo designs and other branding aspects.

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Snapchat

  • Skye

  • Supreme

  • Motorola

  • Philips

  • Google

  • Ebay


Various other social media giants & corporates use flat logo designs and extensive marketing through flat designs, which ensures the effectivity of the design. From logo designs, branding to website layouts, flat logo designs are the start of a new era of design which focuses solely on content and visual treat with a balance of authenticity and simplicity. Brilliant flat logo designs are effortlessly enticing to keep your visitors captive.


ProDesigns - Logo design Company offer best in class flat logo design services with customization being their priority to cultivate a better understanding of logo design and your audience to spread awareness about your brand. Custom build logo designs are efficacious to create a distinctive identity for your business with their potential to convince their authenticity which is reflected by the ideas, which resides in the designing process of your custom made logo designs.


Therefore ProDesigns put emphasis on custom logo design with professional logo design services. Get your flat logo designs from ProDesigns today and empower your business with the all-new favorite style which is user-friendly and pleasant to eyes.

Post by prodesigns (2018-01-09 01:15)

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